Response Requested from 2014-2015 Residency Applicants

Dear Applicant,

We place an extremely high importance on selecting applicants for residency who will excel during their time at Ohio State and who will get the greatest amount of benefit out of the opportunity to train at our program.  Part of our approach to selecting applicants who will excel here is interviewing a small number of applicants, but putting a great deal of effort into understanding those applicants very well.  To assist us in selecting applicants to interview, we ask that you please follow the below guidlines for submitting your letters of recommendations.


Letters of Recommendation Instructions

ALL applicants to OSU Dermatology Residency Program for the 2014-2015 application year are REQUIRED to use the following Standardized Letter of Recommendation ("SLOR") for EACH recommendation when submitting their applications through ERAS. We will NOT consider your application without the use of this SLOR for EACH of your references.

In addition, we are requiring ONE accompanying narrative letter from one of the references that provided a SLOR.

Therefore, we are requiring a maximum of FOUR letters of recommendation (3 SLORs + 1 traditional narrative letter) sent to us via the ERAS system.

We are encouraging the use of this form by other dermatology residency programs via the Association of Program Directors in Dermatology. This form is freely available for the use of standardizing the residency selection process and may be freely distributed to applicants, references, and dermatology residency programs for the use of applying to dermatology residencies in the United States and Canada.

Dermatology Standardized Letter of Recommendation (PDF)


IMPORTANT: This PDF may be filled in and printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader or Professional. The built-in PDF viewers in Firefox and other browsers do not currently support fillable forms at this time.


 Dermatology Residency @ OSU

Our residency program is designed to provide outstanding clinical and didactic experiences.  The program is sufficiently structured to ensure that no topics are neglected, but allows enough flexibility for the interested resident to pursue an area of expertise.


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